Registration for the 2019 Gathering at Five medals has been closed.
thank you for your interest and if you have any questions, please contact us.

Event Details

The Gathering at Five Medals welcomes portrayals of any and all persons who inhabited or traded in the Southern Great Lakes region of North American from 1670 to 1816. This includes, but is not limited to, Native Americans, explorers, missionaries, hunters, trades people and military personnel.

Site Details

  • Located in the Benton Spillway, part of River Preserve County Park: 68550 CR 31, Goshen, IN 46526.

  • Near the location of a former village named after Potawatomi leader Wonongaseah, known as Five Medals.

  • Camp along the scenic Elkhart River in a prairie and woodland environment.

  • Navigable waterways for canoeing.

  • Site features include Merchant’s Row, Voyageurs, Woodland Native village, military encampment, New France, etc.

  • Camps available in the following sizes: 10’x10', 15’x20’, 20’x30’, and 30’x30’.

Event Highlights

  • Weapons firing demonstrations, including artillery and a timeline of weaponry.

  • Ongoing demonstrations of period skills, trades, and community life.

  • Daily prairie skirmish, fur trade reenactment, and period music performances.



  • The Elkhart County Parks will provide firewood, water, straw, and portable toilets.

  • Event located within three miles of shopping centers, motels, and restaurants.

  • Parks staff will be onsite during event open hours.

  • Commercial food vendors will be onsite during open hours on Saturday and Sunday.

 Elkhart County Parks policies and regulations will be in effect during this event. 

Prior to the event,  information packages will be mailed to all registered participants that include release forms, event rules, site directions, event schedule, and other relevant details.

Authenticity Standards & Practices

The Gathering at Five Medals is a juried event. This document is intended to give participants clear guidelines and instill the spirit of this immersion event. Maintaining a historically appropriate camp environment and appearance during all hours on the grounds is expected. This is not an exhaustive list.


Any interpretation that can be documented or justified in the areas which are now Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio 1670-1816 are encouraged and appreciated. This represents exploration through the end of the pre-settlement period. Prohibited are fantasy, Medieval, Renaissance, Caribbean pirate, aristocrat/gentry, Civil War and Western Fur Trade.

Camps & Camp Gear

Acceptable tentage for the pre-1816 time period include wedge, diamond, wall, marquee, lean-to, Eastern Woodland conical and Eastern Woodland domed structures. No tipis. All non-period gear must be stowed out of sight during open hours. Gear in use must be 1670-1816 or blend appropriately. Anachronisms will be brought to your attention. Examples include granite ware, oil lanterns, modern rivets and grommets, nylon or poly cordage and modern silverware.

Clothing, Accessories, & Accoutrements

Clothing, accessories, and accoutrements must be documented to 1670-1816. Participants are expected to be in period attire for the entirety of the event except during camp set-up. Prohibited items include caplock firearms, wristwatches, zippered garments, visible crew neck T-shirts or modern undergarments, modern footwear, modern jewelry, modern makeup, long-fringed leather garments, hairpipe chokers, turquoise, and coonskin caps.

In the event that any of your clothing, accessories, or accoutrements are questioned, please be prepared to provide two sources documenting your items to 1670-1816.


Merchants are expected to adhere to the Authenticity Standards & Practices both in items for sale and in display equipment. Prohibited items include: any visibility of a modern table or chair; modern tools; battery, electric, or Butane flame lighting devices; electric fans; steel or plastic display cases; plastic packaging; modern jewelry backing; Southwest, Mexican, or Western Fur Trade items; dream catchers; mandalas; pow-wow items; spears; feathers attached to items, e.g. tomahawk handles or walking sticks; pony beads or any other type of modern bead; rain sticks; Medieval, Ren-Faire, or fantasy items; ocarinas or bamboo flutes; anything with plastic or rubber; cross bows or recurve bows; broadswords; neon anything; cap or cork guns.

In the event that any of your merchandise is questioned, please be prepared to provide two sources documenting your items to 1670-1816.


Any furs, pelts, feathers, bones, or other animal parts possessed, displayed, or offered for sale must have been legally harvested within the regulations of the Indiana Fish & Game Department and/or other governing state or federal laws. It is your responsibility to know the law.

Day Visitors / Walk-Ins

All Day Visitors or Walk-Ins are expected to register with event staff upon their arrival and comply with all Authenticity Standards & Practices. Please police your own camp if you have guests from the reenactor community.

registration has been closed for the 2019 event